I gave a presentation recently that referred to three books I’ve found particularly useful – and afterwards was asked if I had a recommended reading list on my blog. Well, I didn’t until now! Here are some books that have somehow helped me professionally, and were also simply interesting and rewarding. For each, I’m listing a summary, a choice quote or two, and something about how I’ve used it. I will also try to update this post from time-to-time with more.

(Quick aside: here’s a tip about reading on the Kindle – I create Highlights and Notes on the Kindle all the time but until recently found it very hard to access them easily. Now I’m using a website service called Clippings.io which organises them in a much cleaner and more accessible way so, if you’re also a habitual Kindle  clipper, check it out.)

Books covered so far:

…and more to come soon(ish)!