Jamie Oliver is not the first celebrity to get grief from being quoted in the Radio Times. The fact that his comments in that mag about people in poverty buying cheesy chips and big TVs (instead of fresh pasta with tomatoes and…a fun donkey?…like in the Mediterranean, and that) has forced him onto the white-heat of The One Show to defend himself. And if he’s pissed off at the Radio Times right now, he’s in good company. Here’s Clare Balding and Frances Barber chatting on Twitter:

And here’s an extract from this Digital Spy story about John Simm’s relationship with Doctor Who fans (I really love DS, even if they do feed off the quote-droppings from the Radio Times like glamorous, shiny, fun, gossipy shit-loving flies).

“It’s great to be into something, but for goodness’ sake, really? I’m not the Master, I’m not that evil Time Lord who rules the galaxy, I’m just in Tesco with my kids. Leave me alone!”

However, Simm has since taken to Twitter to claim that the Radio Times had “done a number” on him and that his quotes were taken “out of context”.

I haven’t done an interview for them for many years, because of this. Nasty, spiteful, trouble causing ‘Journalism’. I meant no disrespect — John Simm (@john_simm) May 28, 2013

Then there’s Gabby Logan, and a spat with Jeremy Irons – though Mr. Irons might be on dodgy ground, according to this piece in the Daily Mail:

The editor of Radio Times, Ben Preston, strongly refuted Mr Irons’ claim he had been misquoted.

He said: ‘I’m surprised Jeremy Irons claims he was misquoted by Radio Times. He first complained after we published the interview 18 months ago but after we sent him the full transcript and a tape of the interview we heard nothing more. Perhaps he’s confusing what he said and what he wished he’d said.’

Either way, clearly the Radio Times is picking up a bit of a reputation. How can it keep pissing celebs off like this? Perhaps because it’s the 4th biggest paid-for magazine in the UK and you can’t launch something onto a massive flat-screen TV without it. Pass the cheesy chips.