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Why Google should fund anti-mental health discrimination campaigns… …because if they want to normalise voice recognition functionality, which means talking with no-one around, they need to tackle prejudice against voice-hearing.

A quick aside: Do words like objectives, strategy and tactics seem hard to define sometimes? Try this – you’re on a quest. On board a vessel to a specific destination. The vessel is hit by strong tides and all sorts of… Continue reading →

What popcorn means for charities

Popcorn is a lesson in vertical integration. When film was young, the cinemas hated popcorn sellers, who were kept well outside the premises. Eventually, however….(according to The Smithsonian) “….movie theater owners realized that if they cut out the middleman, their profits would… Continue reading →

A list of non-contradictory* statements about mental health

The death of Robin Williams is making me ruminate about mental health and how charities like Mind (who I work for) communicate about it. The following is me trying to make sense of things  – it’s probably not coherent, I… Continue reading →

Getting unstuck: Douglas Adams and the judo principle

This is my favourite fable. When something seems difficult at work, I try and apply it. I have Grandpa Simpson-ishly repeated this tale over and over to younger colleagues. It’s worth repeating, it’s a brilliant way of thinking about problems. “the… Continue reading →

Storytelling is a joke

Storytelling? Storytelling is hyped-up by communicators (especially in charities and non-profits) – but it’s nothing more than a joke. And there’s fish involved too. And a goat. Who both have the same parent. And it could all have a sad… Continue reading →

6 Golden Rules for Managing Out-of-Hours Social Media

The problem with social media is it works anti-social hours… I’ve written a piece for CharityComms about managing out-of-hours social media. Go on, look at it! (Someone on Twitter actually said it was the most helpful social media article they’ve… Continue reading →

Rapoport’s Rules (Rapoport not Rappaport!)

This is half blog post, half Post-It note to myself – because I keep talking to people about Daniel Dennet’s reference to Rapoport’s Rules for argument or criticism, and forgetting what the bloody things are. Then I Google for Rappaport… Continue reading →

How to get Facebook Graph Search in UK, now

Didn’t realise this until now – it was announced 3 weeks ago – but you can get the very cool (/disturbing) Graph Search in Facebook UK, with just a simple Settings change. This is what Graph Search looks like: Here’s… Continue reading →

Why the Radio Times is hated by celebrities

Jamie Oliver is not the first celebrity to get grief from being quoted in the Radio Times. The fact that his comments in that mag about people in poverty buying cheesy chips and big TVs (instead of fresh pasta with tomatoes… Continue reading →

The hidden bit of Facebook that’s got messages for you!

I only just found this today – a bit of Facebook’s message Inbox called ‘Other’ which has messages from people not in your Friends list, or other non-direct messages. Look! As you can see I had 26 messages I had… Continue reading →

“Curiosity is actually a moral virtue”

Ever since I heard him speak on a Radio 4 programme I’ve loved the attitude of Israeli writer Amos Oz. Here he is on US show Charlie Rose and here’s my favourite quote from him: “I get up every morning… Continue reading →

Introducing Supertat

This is just a quick note to promote another website of mine, – it’s full of stuff like this… The Bracelet-Wearing Dalmatian Riding Distressed Dolphin Flip Flop Mallorca Key Ring  

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