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Rin-Tin-Tin (34 North Road, Brighton)

One of my favourite shops in Brighton closed in December 2014 – a junk shop called Rin-Tin-Tin. Fortunately the owner allowed me to me to take some photos…

Object Of Desire – Microsonic Landscapes

What is this? Have a guess before you read on! It is an example of actual sound sculptures – 3D representations of complete albums – called microsonic landscapes. This is Pink Moon by Nick Drake: This is a detail from… Continue reading →

Object Of Desire – Lytro Light Field Camera

A camera that takes pictures you can completely refocus after taking them, whenever you want. Oh, and they’re a bit 3D too. Go and drool at the Lytro and read about how they are now available in the UK from £399. Critics say: “It’s hard… Continue reading →

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