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“Ambitions and crimes” – when Scientologists tried to overtake a mental health charity

“We are faced with the Government threat of total obliteration on the grounds of pressure from psychiatric front groups, whose ambitions and crimes are notorious, who cure nothing, who seize and kill and to whose monstrous violations of human rights… Continue reading →

My reading list…

Sticky Post

I gave a presentation recently that referred to three books I’ve found particularly useful – and afterwards was asked if I had a recommended reading list on my blog. Well, I didn’t until now! Here are some books that have… Continue reading →

Why Google should fund anti-mental health discrimination campaigns… …because if they want to normalise voice recognition functionality, which means talking with no-one around, they need to tackle prejudice against voice-hearing.

What popcorn means for charities

Popcorn is a lesson in vertical integration. When film was young, the cinemas hated popcorn sellers, who were kept well outside the premises. Eventually, however….(according to The Smithsonian) “….movie theater owners realized that if they cut out the middleman, their profits would… Continue reading →

Getting unstuck: Douglas Adams and the judo principle

This is my favourite fable. When something seems difficult at work, I try and apply it. I have Grandpa Simpson-ishly repeated this tale over and over to younger colleagues. It’s worth repeating, it’s a brilliant way of thinking about problems. “the… Continue reading →

Storytelling is a joke

Storytelling? Storytelling is hyped-up by communicators (especially in charities and non-profits) – but it’s nothing more than a joke. And there’s fish involved too. And a goat. Who both have the same parent. And it could all have a sad… Continue reading →

6 Golden Rules for Managing Out-of-Hours Social Media

The problem with social media is it works anti-social hours… I’ve written a piece for CharityComms about managing out-of-hours social media. Go on, look at it! (Someone on Twitter actually said it was the most helpful social media article they’ve… Continue reading →

Charities and the genius in the crowd – Slideshare

I gave a presentation to CharityComms in early 2014 where this presentation was called ‘An amplifier not a mouthpiece’ – I thought it might be useful to upload it to Slideshare with a slight name change and some notes on the… Continue reading →

Me and the Asda ‘mental patient’ advert

This originally appeared on the Charity Comms blog in October 2013 when I was still working at Rethink Mental Illness as Digital Manager – I am now Digital Manager at Mind, the mental health charity. Learnings from a Twitter storm Asda’s… Continue reading →

‘The Bob Test’ for online donation

Mark Lawson’s recent interview with Bob Geldof revealed that lessons about usability can come from nearly 30 years ago. When reminded of his infamous swearing on Live Aid in 1985 Bob says to Mark: “I was complaining about the fact… Continue reading →

Does your charity punch above its weight in digital? Check the PAW Score!

There’s a fair bit written about how charities can use digital to ‘punch above their weight’. But exactly who is doing it well at the moment?  The PAW score is my name for comparing two charity performance indicators from Third… Continue reading →

The Chip and Dan Effect

originally posted on the Charity Comms blog I find myself saying “Chip and Dan” a lot at work – mostly to my boss. We will be in a meeting and hear a particularly surprising, interesting story, “very Chip and Dan.”Chip… Continue reading →

Social media and the last taboo

I should feel very guilty. Every day I deliberately try to bring people with mental health problems onto Facebook, Twitter and online forums, where their social skills will wither and where they will be a target for scammers and stalking… Continue reading →

Social media and the last taboo

2015 note: I wrote this in 2010 while I was working at the mental health charity Rethink, but left there in late 2014. I should feel very guilty. Every day I deliberately try to bring people with mental health problems… Continue reading →

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