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August 2013

How to get Facebook Graph Search in UK, now

Didn’t realise this until now – it was announced 3 weeks ago – but you can get the very cool (/disturbing) Graph Search in Facebook UK, with just a simple Settings change. This is what Graph Search looks like: Here’s… Continue reading →

Why the Radio Times is hated by celebrities

Jamie Oliver is not the first celebrity to get grief from being quoted in the Radio Times. The fact that his comments in that mag about people in poverty buying cheesy chips and big TVs (instead of fresh pasta with tomatoes… Continue reading →

Peter Barkworth

A DVD arrived today and inspired this quickie post about an actor who is nowhere near appreciated enough… Peter Barkworth is a British character actor who was fairly famous once, even getting a Radio Times cover with his series Telford’s… Continue reading →

The hidden bit of Facebook that’s got messages for you!

I only just found this today – a bit of Facebook’s message Inbox called ‘Other’ which has messages from people not in your Friends list, or other non-direct messages. Look! As you can see I had 26 messages I had… Continue reading →

Object Of Desire – Microsonic Landscapes

What is this? Have a guess before you read on! It is an example of actual sound sculptures – 3D representations of complete albums – called microsonic landscapes. This is Pink Moon by Nick Drake: This is a detail from… Continue reading →

Object Of Desire – Lytro Light Field Camera

A camera that takes pictures you can completely refocus after taking them, whenever you want. Oh, and they’re a bit 3D too. Go and drool at the Lytro and read about how they are now available in the UK from £399. Critics say: “It’s hard… Continue reading →

Object Of Use – E-Cloth

One of these costs just £2.99 and is probably one of the most useful things I’ve ever bought. It’s quite big – so I cut it into about six bits, and now I have a really good glasses lens/laptop/iPad/iPhone screen cleaners… Continue reading →

“Curiosity is actually a moral virtue”

Ever since I heard him speak on a Radio 4 programme I’ve loved the attitude of Israeli writer Amos Oz. Here he is on US show Charlie Rose and here’s my favourite quote from him: “I get up every morning… Continue reading →

Introducing Supertat

This is just a quick note to promote another website of mine, – it’s full of stuff like this… The Bracelet-Wearing Dalmatian Riding Distressed Dolphin Flip Flop Mallorca Key Ring  

The Chip and Dan Effect

originally posted on the Charity Comms blog I find myself saying “Chip and Dan” a lot at work – mostly to my boss. We will be in a meeting and hear a particularly surprising, interesting story, “very Chip and Dan.”Chip… Continue reading →

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